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So you just made my day girl I was jumping on my bed but I'm calm now . *starts twerking* aight 🙌💕
- oddonenamebrenatuan

Lol I thought I was already following you for some reason! ✋✋

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Taco Tuesdays is 3pm LA/6pm EST live, and then reruns sometime during the week. Domo (DJ Body Oil) is Thursday and Sunday at 8 LA/11 EST (I THINK). I'm not sure about the rest.
- camp-flog-gnaw


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FOUND MORE. Mike G Mondays on Mondays at 8pm LA/11pm EST. Clancy has a show sometimes. There is an IC show but idk the time. Jasper be on there randomly. that's all i know.
- camp-flog-gnaw


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soo taco Tuesdays are on Tuesdays.. Lol. & it starts at 3:00pm LA time aka PST,, but there are re runs so if u missed it you can listen on Friday at 6pm.. also PST. Jasper's shows are on Thursdays I believe at 4pm PST. Jasper's re runs are on Saturdays at 8pm PST. you can follow the twitter "OFRadio1" they'll keep you up to date
- Anonymous


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This is a lot to ask (sorry) But I live in Canada and I have no idea when Taco Tuesday is or Jaspers Show is, i just caught the end of Taco Tuesday and it was hilarious! I wash dying at the Mike G daddy part. But do you know the times for each individual show?? in LA time? Or if you know about the other shows to, I'd really appreciate it (:
- Anonymous

I honestly don’t know babe. I have been too busy to listen! SOMEONE HELP US OUT :)

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Tyler’s temporary Instagram post

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yoo do you have the video of Tyler drumming that he posted on Instagram but deleted right away?
- supraem

I reblogged it awhile back. Let me see if I can find it

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Happy Birthday Jasper

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Can we have a relationship?
- Anonymous

Yeah! You tryna wife me up!?!

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